Photo #27 shows my old Saab Sonett from picture 11 without the body. In the summer of 1979, I had not run an autocross in 5 or 6 years. There were some fast new local cars that I was getting some flak about, so I decided to do something about it. The topless car always flexed too much and had a lot of Bondo in the body, so I removed it. A few tubes were also welded in to tie the front and rear spring perches together. This really tightened up the car and removed around 200 lbs. I also for the first time put some toe out in the rear axle and ran the exhaust through the car. The results were amazing! In photo #26 just over the roll bar, you can see the Phantom. It was an undeveloped car with lots of potential that was supposed to be the FTD car according to my hecklers. I ran 3 events that summer and got 2 FTDs by a good margin on 6 year old tires. In the other event I kept missing the same gate. I ran one VMSC event in this car as pictured in 1999 after having been stored 20 years. This chassis will reappear in 2005 with a red Saab Sonett V4 Coupe body with a John Maglieri built and engineered two liter V4 engine. Just to my left in that photo is John Sealey (yellow Corvette) shielding the sun from his eyes.

27 Autocross cars

My good friend, John Maglieri pointed out that all of my cars had one thing in common. They were all in un-charted territory needing lots of development time to perform well. I have often thought how easy it would have been and how many races I could have run if I had owned a Corvette or Porsche, but somehow for me it would not have been as interesting. In the near future, I plan to do an update on my autocross cars from 1999 to the present.